“I love your spirit, you are a great dude with a good heart!! Keep doing God’s work and watch how blessed you’ll be!”

“Haven’t known you for long, bro, but I def can say your story galvanized me to keep pushing through. We share a lot of common set backs so I know there are other people out here still making it happen. Huge inspiration big bro! Thanks”

Kyson Lance Clark , Radio Personality/DJ on WANM 90.5
“You inspire me because you had a vision and you executed it! I don’t know you very well but from following you on Instagram I see that you are serious about what you want to accomplish in life. I need to see people like that because I am a young woman who wants to visualize and execute! Keep doing what you do. Even though we may not exchange many words, I always stop at your page to see what’s new.”
Shaè, Owner of Uncommonrealist - Blogger
“Even though you don’t know me from Adam you still called me and had a conversation with me that lasted about 15 minutes. You were busy and in traffic and you told me you would call me back and did so. You also gave me advice about my career field, etc. You’re a good person to look up to.”
Carlese Laurent

“Yes, you inspire me to be have a happy, positive spirit on a daily basis. It seems like even when things aren’t going so great you still have smile on your face. You’re usually willing to make someone laugh. Things aren’t going too good in my life right now and it definitely builds my faith to see how far you’ve come. Prayer is faith passing into action. You’re truly inspirational!”

“Mr. Sir-Anthony Spease has made HUGE impacts on my life! It started from being a little girl interested in the “Youngest in Charge” group, to being a guest on Exposure Nation, to interning at Exposure Nation, and to now being mentored on my road to having a successful radio show. Before I actually met Sir, he helped raise my grades in school because I wanted to be a part of the Youngest in Charge THAT BAD. I am grateful that he was the first to open my eyes to the real media and entertainment business because I love it. As the years go by, I see him growing more and more and having so much success. I am happy to have known this great man and I wish him much more success and a marvelous life.”
Brittany Baxter, Online Radio Host

“You inspire me and have truly changed me. You taught me how to be happy no matter what and to not give up. Most importantly you taught me how to be more selfless and give everyone a chance. This all had not only made me a better person but a better business person! Continue to inspire. You deposit something into everyone you cross paths with and you definitely aren’t wasting your brains or taking up space on earth. We need you!”

Brianna Knight, Owner of Artisticly Correct - Makeup Artist

“You are truly an inspiration! Seeing you follow your dreams and really working hard is so motivating! I can see the dedication and persistence and am very happy and proud of you! You contribute heavily to me wanting to follow my passions and actually making an action plan that will lead to my dreams!”

Wanda Marie

“I think you are a big inspiration. With such a positive attitude and a HUGE, outgoing personality, whatever you put your mind to, you carry on and do it! Your motivation is outstanding, and any negativity that comes your way doesn’t phase you whatsoever! I mean … do you see where you are now? You have your own little TV show, website, you’re living out your dreams and you most likely have a big support group of people that pushes you forward and makes you the best person you can be. You are an amazing inspiration! Go Sir go!”

Kevin Colfer

“Because of the love and kindness you share with EVERYONE around you… You inspire me to be loving and kind as well. To put a smile on my face and spread the LOVE!”

Ashley Dnearah, Artist & Photographer

“Dreams are just the blueprint, now you have make it happen. That fits you and your grind. It’s impressive and inspiring to see you doing what you love. Keep it up #wewatching”


“I’ve met you recently but in that brief meeting, I could tell that you were very down to earth, funny, warm and supportive. You have a desire for what you do and love. And not to mention your smile lights up a room… Keep the love going!”

Nikida M.

“Hey man, we have never talked but I’m about to move to LA and do what you do and seeing inspirational posts that you post has helped me a lot brother, so thank you and keep pushing it man!”

Chad Tepper
“Sir, you have grinded harder than most people I know! And being young you’ve started successful businesses that’s also given back to the community from Philly to L.A. That speaks for itself!”
Quinton Storm, R&B Singer, Producer & Song Writer

“I’ve never met such an ambitious person who is eager and willing to assist, motivate, and encourage others while on his own path to success. You understand the big picture and have a genuine desire to contribute to the greater good. People like you are a rare find in the entertainment industry. You’re fearless in everything I’ve seen you do and you still have a desire to be better and take criticism. You will go far, my friend. I am grateful to know you. Thanks for all the encouragement :)”

Gabriela Fresquez, Actress & TV/Radio Host

“Being a college radio/tv host, you push me to continue my stride! Thank you for being a light, and for uplifting me and others through social media. Because of your work ethic and positivity I’ve always wanted to intern for you. Thank you!”

Archie Jay , College Radio Personality

“With out you, bro, the name that’s making this testimony wouldn’t exist. You motivated me from day one. And even with all your success you continue to help us reach the next level. I’m sure I speak for the connected radio team and pardon my French but (hell, yeah) you inspire us. We salute you and wish the best to you.”

Andrew, Connected Radio (Internet Radio)

“I am inspired by you. Since knowing you back to when Facebook was more popular than Instagram, I always respected your hustle and passion for success. You’re always into something that’s trending. Continue to be great. Good luck Sir!”

Dez Noland, Co-Founder of Dezign your Identity

“You inspire me because you have never stopped fighting for your dreams! Through all types of struggles and set backs you have kept moving and motivating others. I met you over ten years ago and you are still grinding, sweating, bleeding and keeping the dream alive!”

Freda DeOrellana, Las Vegas/Los Angeles MUA

“You inspire me because you represent the struggle. You have shown me that I don’t need all the money and riches to succeed and pursue a dream and make it come into existence. I love your determination as well as your humbleness because not too many men are willing to ask for assistance when needed. Your personality leaves a lasting impression and your smile reminds me that there is something to be happy about. I also appreciate how you draw yourself into people in depth. I remember the first time I met you and you asked me what my story was. You also are a reminder to other young black men that although they are minorities there is still hope no mater what statistics say. Thanks for that!!”


“Your professionalism, relentless hard work and dedication to teamwork and the pursuit of major victories combined with an appreciation of the little things is a great inspiration and example to all who cross your path.”

Akin B Ware, The Voice of WXE & Celebrity Boxing

“I’ve only been following you for a little while but your cheesy smile makes me happy everytime I see it! The fact that you were willing to pray for me…someone you don’t even know…warmed my heart. As an aspiring tv/radio host, following you encourages me to keep pursuing my dream. Thank you! The #love is infectious and mutual!!”

Milli M. , TV/Radio Host, Actress, Model & VO Artist

“Honestly, I may have not known you well or long, but I did know you back here in NJ. Just in the little time of knowing you I was not only inspired and motivated by your character and personality but I was also moved by your wanting to grow and work hard for what and where you are right now. You are a person who is deserving of much greatness and also one who is willing to help those who show the same hunger and drive as your. So yes, you do inspire me to know that there is much out there. You have been a good example of what a young man can accomplish with hard work and determination. I hope one day to be able to work with you again. And you inspire me to grind hard to be up there with you and continue to grow further in this dream unfolding with so much potential of happiness and accomplishment. Be safe and good luck, brother.”

Tiny, Owner of Dark Angel Images 777 Productions